From the initial search screen you can search for vessels by the IMO Number, Current Ship Name or Flag.

The search default for the Current Ship Name is begins with, for example typing in ‘carni’ will find ‘carnival’. An option exists to do pattern searches by using the % symbol, which will allow multiple strings to be searched for. For example typing in ‘%oriana’ will find ‘Oriana’ as well as ‘Victoriana’. Similarly typing in ‘c%’ will find all ships starting with the letter C. Again typing in ‘is%la’ will not only find ‘Island’ but also ‘Isabella’.

Once you have entered a value click on the 'Go' button. The IMO Number search will return the results to the vessel overview, whereas the Current Name and Flag search will return matches to a results grid from where it is possible to link to the vessel overview.

To view the details of a particular vessel click on the LR/IMO number which will link you to the vessel overview.


In the event that the search returns more than 10 matches, the horizontal arrows ( ) can be used to scroll up and down the pages. The ( ) arrows will return to the first page or take you to the last page.

To return to the search screen from the either results grid or vessel overview page click on the ‘Return to search’ link at the bottom of the page.

To return to the results grid from the vessel overview page click on the ‘Return to results’ link at the bottom of the page.


Ships in Class has been designed to provide users with a list of ships currently classed with Lloyd’s Register. The information is updated quarterly in January, April, July and October. The date of the latest update is displayed at the bottom of the results grid. Vessel details include:-

  • Vessel name
  • LR/IMO Number
  • Owner
  • Flag
  • Status
  • Length (metres)
  • Deadweight (tonnes)
  • Breadth (metres)
  • Gross tonnage (tons)
  • Draught (metres)
  • Classification details
  • Ship type
  • Builder
  • Year of build
  • Yard number
  • Country of build
  • Propulsion summary

If you experience any problems using the system or require clarification on the information displayed please contact IHS Fairplay’s Customer Services team on +44 1737 379180 or email